2013 Local Content and Service Report to the Community

The mission of KSPS Public Television is to enrich lives and communities through quality programs and services that educate, inform, engage and inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration. We strive to be a trusted and balanced source for news and information. We strive to be a convener, facilitator and catalyst for conversations and engage communities and viewers around critical issues.

KSPS Public Television: A commitment to “Be More”

For almost 47 years, KSPS has worked to engage our educational partners and our community with programs that teach, inspire, enlighten, inform and entertain. We strive to facilitate community participation, dialogue, decision making and citizenship.

Below are brief descriptions of many of our initiatives: 

Education Initiatives: Partnering with PBS and the Digital Learning Library KSPS helps provide classroom learning resources for teachers and students. Partnering with Spokane Public Schools, the multi-platforms of KSPS present programs that engage the community in the programs and services of Spokane Schools. Our live bi-monthly “Educating Spokane” gives our community and school leaders the opportunity to engage in conversation and dialogue about K-12 education. “School Talk” airs weekly on our educational cable channels and gives the community insight into the unique programs and services offered through our schools and classrooms. Our higher education partners also provide programming on our educational cable channels. These partners reach into our community with a variety of programs and services delivered through their various institutions and departments.

KSPS Aquifer-in-a-Cup classes: Through a continuing partnership with the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board, school children in grades 3 – 5 receive demonstrations and lesson plans on how to protect and preserve the quality of our local water system. This is a multi-faceted partnership involving on-air, classroom and community events.

News Public Affairs, Documentaries and History: KSPS has a long history of providing coverage of local candidates and issues. In October 2013, KSPS broadcast local City Council and County Commissioner races. A Public Affairs program offered a panel discussion on the issue of increased “coal export” rail traffic in our region — a hot-button issue for the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Profiles: For over 27 years KSPS has presented Northwest Profiles. This monthly program continues to bring stories of the fascinating personalities, points of interest and hometown happenings that make living in the Inland Northwest such a unique and satisfying experience.

Childhood Initiative: FitKids!: KSPS expanded our FitKids! initiative with a visit by “Daniel Tiger.” Daniel Tiger participated in a FREE half-day event with over 500 children who, along with their parents, learned the value of fitness, nutrition and exercise habits at an early age.

Health Matters, TELEVISION FOR LIFE: KSPS has been producing this monthly health series for eleven years. Health Matters, TELEVISION FOR LIFE provides advice on medical issues from the Inland Northwest’s premier physicians and health care providers. In addition to programs on Suicide, Rural Hospitals, Heart Health, Learning Disabilities and Dieting, two call-in programs featured representatives from the Washington State Insurance Commissioner’s Office discussing the “Affordable Care Act.”

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