Friends of KSPS Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, Friends of KSPS is governed by Board of Directors made up of these community volunteers:

Pati Dahmen* - President
Clint Marvel* - Vice President/President Elect
Ann Hurst* - Secretary
Don Anderson* - Treasurer
Mark Anderson PhD
Linda Finney
Mary Joan Hahn
Jodi Harland
Kelly Konkright
Nancy Ledeboer
Kathleen Mackenzie
Bob Morrison - Calgary Representative
Adam Munson, CPA
Mary Phillips-Rickey - Edmonton Representative
Gary Stokes, General Manager

*Executive Committee Member

Meeting Schedule

All Friends of KSPS Board of Directors meetings are at 4:30pm PT in the KSPS Main Conference Room, 3911 S Regal St, Spokane WA 99223, and are open to the public.

July 28
September 29
November 17

January 23
March 30
May 25

Board Meeting Minutes