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Leo Stevens

Leo StevensLeo Stevens was born in Coeur d’Alene and has lived nearly all of his life in the Pacific Northwest. He is actually a ‘Leon’ but most of his friends, family and coworkers call him Leo (which he prefers). He received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Idaho in Moscow. Leo recently completed his MBA through Eastern Washington University.

Immediately following his undergraduate work, Leo went to work for Boeing Airplane Co. where he worked as an engineer for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group (Malaysia 747 In-Flight Entertainment Systems; Cabin Systems Engineering) as well as Boeing’s Defense and Space Group (Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory; BREL; Phantom-Works Division). Leo then worked for what used to be American Electronic Sign (purchased by 3M) designing, installing and debugging roadside changeable message signs; including those used by WSDOT along the I-90 corridor.

Until recently he worked as a part-owner in Infinetix Corp.; a small, local engineering firm. He is currently the owner of Ganglia Creations; a small R&D firm that specializes in new product development, business plan analysis, market research, and prototyping. He has worked on projects ranging from FDA approved medical instruments to exercise equipment, digital gaming tables, toys, and everything in between.

Aside from work, Leo stays busy enjoying time with his wife, four sons, and baby girl. He is the Scoutmaster of Troop 415 in the Spokane Valley and enjoys the outdoors (especially snowboarding). What little time Leo devotes to television revolves, in large part, around public television. For Leo, public television is one-stop shopping. His wife appreciates that once the T.V. lands on public television, the channel flipping usually ends until it is turned off. Leo was raised on Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Zoom, and (he’s not afraid to admit it) Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. He now enjoys nearly every program public television has to offer; but especially Nova, Frontline, Nature, Charlie Rose, and anything made by Ken Burns.