The KSPS Mission

KSPS Public Television enriches lives and communities through quality programs and services that educate, inform, engage and inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration.



KSPS will be a trusted and essential community resource for the Inland Northwest and western Canada: a center of exploration, understanding, engagement, and enrichment for all ages. We will be recognized regionally and beyond for our commitment to building stronger communities, maintaining/promoting high standards, providing inclusiveness and fairness, having a positive impact, and being innovative in our approach.

  • We will provide quality programs whenever and wherever our communities need them through multiple delivery platforms.
  • We will showcase national and international programs that meet the standards of our mission.
  • We will develop local and regional programming that addresses the needs of our communities and provides inspiration and enrichment.
  • We will be valued as a convener, bringing together diverse people from communities throughout the Inland Northwest and western Canada to address issues through civil discourse. We will be known for connecting Americans and Canadians to address shared concerns.
  • We will develop partnerships with organizations that share our values, working together toward the common goal of building stronger communities and individuals through learning, understanding and inspiration.

Friends of KSPS Mission

Friends of KSPS develops resources to advance the mission and vision of KSPS Public Television through financial support and advocacy.


Friends of KSPS will be the primary financial supporter of KSPS Public Television.

Friends of KSPS members and donors will be a powerful, compelling voice of advocacy for the station and its mission, and for public broadcasting as it is now and will be in the future.

Friends of KSPS will be a strong non-profit organization, as measured by its long-term financial stability, financial growth, trust of the community, and professional respect. We will be recognized as an outstanding community investment.