May. 5, 2011 at 12:09pm2011 Student Freedom Ride

Freedom Riders

On Friday, May 6th a group of 40 college students will gather in Washington D.C. to participate in the 2011 Student Freedom Ride.  The ride will retrace the route planned for the original ride that occurred fifty years ago and culminate in New Orleans on May 16th.  American Experience’s Student Freedom project received over 1,000 applications. Those chosen represent the unique diversity that is America.

We have a unique opportunity to participate with these students.  Among those selected was Benjameen Quarless, a philosophy major at Whitworth University (Spokane) and Rachael DeMarce, a political science and communications major at Carroll College (Helena.)  Benjameen and Rachael will be sharing daily dispatches from the ride via blogs on the KSPS web site.

PBS has activated a web site,, as an educational resource for students, teachers, and viewers.  This interactive site is a valuable tool that will enhance your viewing experience.  I hope you have the opportunity to follow Benjameen’s and Racheal’s travels and join us on Monday evening at 9:00 PM (Pacific) for Freedom Riders: American Experience on KSPS-TV.

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