Aug. 22, 2011 at 3:27pmAntiques Roadshow

Two for one tonight

By Judith Spitzer

I know there  lots of you out there who watch Antiques Roadshow on Monday evenings at 8p.m. And I’m one of you.

Tonight (and last week I noticed) there will be two hours of the show for the price of one. The first hour is from Hartford, Ct. and hour two is from Louisville, Ky.

In Hartford the show gives a glimpse of the Mystic Seaport’s collection of rare paintings. If you’re into maritime heritage you’ll love that.

Appraisal’s include a 1963 poster of the Joan Baez/Bob Dylan concert at New Haven Arena which is owned by the artist’s daughter. I don’t know whether that was Bob Dylan’s or Joan Baez’ daughter. Dylan apparently has six children and I could only find one source that noted Baez has a son. Anywhoo … we’ll all know after the show tonight won’t we? It seems that the poster is pretty rare from what I can find.

There are also a pair of 18th-century silk shoes said to be worn by George Washington’s dance partners. I can’t even imagine how bad 200-year-old shoes smell. Aargh. And there is a collection of 200-year-old Wedgwood pottery buttons found in an attic and valued at $1,500 to $2,000 for the set. Now I can hardly wait to see those.

After my mom died, we (two brothers and three sisters) went through her things and one of the things nearly everyone wanted was the button box. You know, all the old buttons from well-worn shirts and pants, new ones never used and so on. She used to pick up used buttons off the ground. I tell you those people born during the depression were so frugal. I didn't inherit any of the frugal gene. 

So I recently decided to get myself a button box since I was obviously not the person who was to be keeper of the old box. I’ve since found buttons everywhere — in my jewelry box, little chachkees’, old drawers etc. So I’ll now have one to pass on to my two children or grandkids.

Back to the programming, the second hour is from Louisville, Kentucky where the Embroiderer’s Guild of America is housed. The show’s host Mark Walberg gets to see embroidered samplers from the guild by Roadshow appraiser Nancy Druckman.

Appraisers get to evaluate a rare, circa 1910 Dirk Van Erp lamp, originally bought for about $100 as well as an exceptionally well-preserved 1876 portrait Jumeau doll with all original parts, except her hair which is mostly never intact. The Dirk Van Erp Lamps are still very popular with Craftsman design devotees. They also appraise a fortunate Kentucky corner cupboard that was destined at one time to be burned and trashed. It’s made of locally-grown wood and valued at $8,500!




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Thanks for the share and all the best for this Monday. Hope the Road-show will be a great success this Monday.
Left by Antique Furniture | Sep. 24, 2011 at 1:02am

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