May. 16, 2012 at 4:40pmCell Tower Deaths

Joint Frontline & ProPublica investigation

The Frontline program that airs next week on KSPS Spokane at 9pm/10mtn is one of those news stories that takes some investigative chops to put together.

Frontline and ProPublica seem to do a great job on these types of investigations.

Apparently independent contractors who work on America’s cell infrastructure are 10 times more likely than an average construction worker to die on the job.

They say that many layers of subcontracting in the industry shield carriers against liability. The high death rates among those who climb high to satisfy our ever-increasing demand for cell phone service are caused partly by challenging deadlines as well as the practice of “free climbing” in which the climber is not attached to the tower. Although OSHA regulations ban the practice, investigators say it was involved in about half of the fatalities they examined.

Sounds like a program to watch … it premieres on KSPS in Spokane on Tuesday, May 22 at 9/10Mtn.

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