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The long Memorial Day holiday weekend was packed with visiting family and non-ending meals ... clean up ... shop for meals ... eat meals ... clean up ... cook more meals ... ad nauseum. Eating seems to be what my family does best when we're together.

So on Monday afternoon after visiting family left, I decided it was high time to maybe skip a meal. So I sat down to go through the videos available by using the new video player on the KSPS home page.

Have you checked it out yet?The variety and breadth of what's available to watch online is absolutely amazing!

Searching for what you're in the mood for is simple since they have pull-down menus listed by program, topic and collections.Last night I watched a POV (Documentaries with a point of view) short on making the "perfect female form" inside a mannequin factory near Los Angeles. It's fascinating and only about 5 minutes in length! I love the POV videos because they link to a number of related links and resources on the website.

There are new Northwest Profiles video each month spotlighting local people, places and things. This month's Northwest Profiles include Spokane clockmaker David Stillman, children's author Susan Nipp, whose characters come to life on Coeur d'Alene streets and the Dog DanceTroupe "Ruff Revue."And that's only a tiny look into what's out there.

So get out there, or online there and immerse yourself in story, news and culture.

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How do I watch online?

Left by Rob Ward | Jul. 12, 2013 at 8:23pm
Here in Canada, we can watch High Tech, low life on TV but due to "rights" can't watch it on line, how does that figure?
Left by Anonymous | Jul. 24, 2013 at 9:21am

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