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Come Along for the Ride!

This is my first blog for KSPS and I’m really excited to be sharing my thoughts with you about KSPS Public TV and the communities of Spokane, Calgary and Edmonton, Canada.

My take on a blog (website weblog) is that blogging (the act of updating said blog) is simply a narrative by a particular person (may be a journalist or other) available online to a particular community interested in reading what the blogger is blogging about. The “community” is just a category or an area of interest. In this case, a community of people, not strictly in physical areas, who are interested in reading about all things KSPS and public television in general.

Blogs are typically made up of entries (posts) or text, images, links to other web pages and perhaps video, audio and other multimedia.

On this community blog, I’ll be talking about what’s upcoming on KSPS as well as things you didn’t know you needed to know about KSPS, public television and life as we know it.

So, there you have it. A community blog about KSPS, our communities, public television and … me! It’s going to be a blast!
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Welcome, Judith to our blog. We are so happy to have your professionalism along on the journey with us. We have so much going on, and know you will bring your special brand of writing with you. Welcome, again.

Patty Starkey
Executive Director Friends of KSPS
Chief Development Officer KSPS Public Television
Spokane Calgary Edmonton

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