May. 16, 2012 at 4:38pmCracking the Koala Code...

Tonight at 7p.m.

You know you love them … those adorable little Australian creatures.

This program doesn’t however spend too much time appreciating their cuddliness. Instead it will bring you face-to-face with their grunts and snorts… bellows and roars and their day to day dramas.

It’s Koalas seen through the looking glass of science – sponsored by the San Diego Zoo.  Solar-powered mobile phones were used to record their sounds and apparently scientists have even managed to decipher some of their ‘language.’

The program also includes some of the social interplay at work in the Koala world like territorial displays, vicious fighting and a bit about their love lives as well.

The show premieres this evening at 7/Mtn. on KSPS in Spokane and environs. 

If you miss it tonight, catch it on KSPS7.2 on Monday, May 21 at 6pm/7Mtn.



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