Feb. 13, 2012 at 9:32pmDownton Abbey

Season II Finale

There’s only one episode of Downton Abbey left this season and it’s next Sunday evening.

If you’re addicted and you can’t wait ... but you're also dreading having the season end ... you’re not alone. The British tale of life and times in Edwardian England has become somewhat of a cult in its second season on PBS channels.


People are blogging about the show, tweeting and Facebooking their heads off about the Sunday evening show which is only in its second season. Surprisingly, data from the PBS’ website suggest the show is particularly popular with a “substantially younger audience” than would typically be watching a British drama set in the 1910-1920’s. 

Nobody is certain, of course, what specifically is driving the show’s popularity but it certainly doesn’t hurt that there are very attractive people both upstairs and downstairs in the new hit.

Although it’s matriarch, 77-year-old Maggie Smith who plays the imperial Countess of Grantham, is a favorite because of her withering sarcasm and putdowns. Gawker last month called her a “one-woman insult machine.”

Downton Abbey already has its share of Emmy awards … four from last season including one for best mini-series and another for best supporting actress for Dame Maggie Smith a role she was surely meant to play. Reportedly more than 9.3 million people watched the second series opener.

Who knows what that number will be for the last episode this season on Sunday, Feb. 19?

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So sad! The last show for season 3 was devastating. I virtually had a hard time getting to sleep worrying about poor Lady Mary sitting in the Hospital holding that precious baby heir and thinking of her wonderful hubby that just left on wings to announce his JOY! Maybe Mathew is going to pull through yet again from another tragedy, and then, Lord Grantham will see a miracle that only God could pull off. It in reality is all only a show, but reality sometimes brings just those type tragedies to real life situations. And that insightful view of the world, its creation and the inventive writers of this series is an epic that will linger in its watchers forever! I absolutely can't wait for the next season. Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch. Faithfully a member, DJM
Left by Doris Moore | Feb. 18, 2013 at 10:21am

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