May. 2, 2012 at 7:05pmFinding Your Roots

Cho, Gupta & Martha!

“Finding Your Roots” is easily one of my favorite shows on KSPS.

This Sunday Sunday, May 6, I’ll be watching with baited breath as they say because all three people’s heritage should be fascinating programming.

The three guests this week are Dr. Sanjay Gupta NN medical correspondent, comic Margaret Cho and Martha Stewart.

Apparently all three are first or second generation immigrants.

There isn’t too much buzz about it online but what has been said is that the three guests “share the peculiar burdens of that heritage.” The online description also indicate this show traces ancestors across the world from India to Korea to Poland. Well, with that clue it’s pretty obvious who’s who since Cho is Korean and Gupta is Indian. But what caught me off guard was this next sentence: “…catch a glimpse of three distinct yet oddly overlapping experiences of families leaving their homes and becoming American.

Hmmm should be an interesting show. Although I'm certain that whoever Martha's ancestors are they're hard working, very organized folks!

Join me on Sunday, May 6, in Spokane on KSPS on “Finding Your Roots.”

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