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New This Fall

Genealogy Roadshow, part science, history and an emotional journey, is new to PBS channels this fall and premieres on Monday, Sept. 23, at 9p.m. on KSPS Spokane, with the first of four shows.

This season a new program with "Genealogy Roadshow" which will feature people from four American cities (Nashville, Austin, Detroit and San Francisco) who are excited to explore whether their genealogical claims passed down through family history are verifiable. On-air experts, Joshua Taylor and Kenyatta Berry, authors, lecturers and researchers will act as detectives and LA-area broadcaster Emmett Miller, will host the new show. 

Ultimately each person's historical past may (or may not) link to an event or a historical figure, revealing the larger community history of America. 

In Monday's premiere, Roadshow genealogists investigate cases of two people who claim to be descendants of Tennessee's legendary Davy Crockett, as well as another participant who believes she's a member of the infamous Hatfield clan. Another Nashville resident thinks her family history includes a former president, a famous singer and a notorious criminal. 

The program, through the detective stories it reveals, promises to reveal a larger community history and the diverse cultural heritage of Americans through the lives of individuals. 

Tune in this Monday, Sept. 23 at 9p.m. in Spokane. 
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I am wondering if there will be future opportunities for participants on the antiques genealogy roadshow.
On my father's side I am related to William H Bard (questionable if that is his legal last name) who was the the 4th mayor of Nome, Alaska. I found his name on the 12th Census of Alaska dated 1899-1900. He was my father's grandmother's brother. He had quite a colorful past which includes being a judge in Skagway Alaska and presiding over the trial of the shooting death of Soapy Smith. My father owns the gun that shot Soapy Smith that was sent to Wm Bard's sister, my father's grandmother. This gun has been documented by author Howard Clifford who wrote the book Soapy Smith Uncrowned King of Skagway. Mr Howard re published this book after meeting my father and seeing the gun, a 1875 45 caliber single action Colt revolver. He also included a photo of the gun in the book. I have memories of holding it as a child and wondering who was shot with it, it had 3 notches in the handle. My father also inherited a wonderful collection of Indian artifacts from his grandfather who hunted on the Ogallala Sioux reservation at Pine Ridge during the late 1800's and early 1900's. He traded for the artifacts which includes a peace pipe supposedly smoked on by Sitting Bull along with many beautiful beaded leather items. I have tried to get these items on the Antique Roadshow but have never received a response to my e mail.
On my mother's side, my 4th (?) great grandfather's brother was Jabob Primer Leese who was one of the first settlers in Yerba Buena, now called San Francisco. He built the first house in San Francisco, had the first child born there. He sailed to China (1849) and brought the first Chinese slaves to San Francisco. There used to be a plaque in Chinatown for Jacob, but I could not find it. My mother gave me a photo of it that she took in 1966.
He married Rosalia Vallejo,(1837) sister of General Vallejo. He was put in prison (1846) along with Gen. Vallejo by Fremont during the Bear Flag Rebellion. There is a lot on the internet regarding Jacob Primer Leese. Prior to coming to California he explored New Mexico with Kit Carson whom he met at Bents Fort on his way to California from his home in Ohio-early 1830's
I would love to have more information regarding where I fit in to these wonderful historical figures family trees and the in between members of my family. They both have a fascinating place in history and I have enjoyed researching what information I currently have.
I would appreciate a response from you either way,
Thank you,
Luanne Ryman

Left by Luanne Ryman | Oct. 14, 2013 at 9:41pm

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