Oct. 5, 2011 at 9:06pmGrowing Hope Against Hunger

Join the Sesame Street crew!

By Judith Spitzer

Have you noticed your grocery bill going up and up and up? I certainly have. Compared to last year at this time I bet I am paying at least 10 percent more on groceries!

My mother was queen of getting her money’s worth, could save money even during winters when my dad wasn’t working and she passed all that wisdom down to her four daughters and two sons.

However, budgeting for families isn’t an easy task these days especially given the dire jobs situation in some parts of the country.

So I was very happy to see that PBS’ and Sesame Workshop (creators of Sesame Street) are launching a new campaign to end child hunger called “Food For Thought: Eating Well on a Budget.

The program was created to assist low-income families cope with limited access to affordable and nutritious food. This is a long time coming. In the face of these economic times, families really need to know how to nurture kid’s overall development through nutrition. It’s so easy to lose track of what the kids are eating when we’re so rushed to get to school, to work, schedule in time for extra curricular activities and any other pastimes.

“Food for Thought: Eating Well on a Budget” is a bilingual, multimedia program designed to help families who have children between 2 and 8 who are having to deal with limited or uncertain access to affordable and nutritious food.

The program premieres nationally this Sunday, Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. on KSPS with an hour-long special called Growing Hope Against Hunger. A Spanish version of the special will air on Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. on Univision.

The show starts during a food drive on Sesame Street, when Elmo meets guest stars Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley and learns how the struggle with hunger affects a new friend Lily, (a new Muppet!). The seeds of hope are planted when they visit a community garden and learn with Rosita how people can work together to take steps towards solutions. The theme continues with filmed documentaries of four real families who have experienced the challenge of hunger and are finding strategies and resources that help. 

There are also tons of interactive resources and tools online for parents and their children online including a family shopping lists, tips, videos and stories.

Check the KSPS schedule for more episodes.

Tune in Sunday evening and enjoy!

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