Jan. 17, 2012 at 10:10pmNorthwest Profiles

That’s All Folk, Women Warriors and more!

Friday evening late (11:30p.m.) which is late in my book, is Northwest Profiles. But I’m going to the Mythbuster’s Show at 8p.m. that night so I’ll just catch the program before I hit the bed. At least that’s the plan.

It sounds like a really interesting NW Profiles with four starkly different sections.

What we’ll experience is the Spokane Fall Folk Festival that I’ve never attended, but perhaps you have. The preview says it showcases the diverse local folk arts community.

The next section of the program covers women vets returning to civilian life getting help from an escape to the country for a weekend of food, fellowship and more.

Next up is a visit to Coeur ‘d Alene to meet Mike Schneider, a metal artist, who melds grinding and heating techniques with his imagination to create incredible three-dimensional art forms.

Lastly, the program previews Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park. The Park is located an hour east of Calgary, Alberta. Visitors are taken back in time to experience First Nation cultures which used to inhabit the land.

If you miss it Friday night, it plays again at an even later time - 1 a.m. – on Monday,  Jan. 23. Looks like it might be worth it. 

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