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Render much different results!

My grown siblings and I just finished mucking out a storage unit of old boxes from my parents house. We had left the storage unit full when my dad died two years ago, waiting until we could all get together to go through and sort the items. 

The treasures we found were 68 bowling balls in various colors and weights; several bowling bags stuffed with bowling shoes and bowling accessories and a container with my dad's favorite bowling ball filler. We also found High School yearbooks dated 1946-1949 from Great Falls, Mt. and at least five large boxes of old vinyl records from about 1960-1975. 

 So as I watched Antiques Roadshow this week from Wichita Kansas I had to laugh when a woman said she had kept several boxes from her grandfather's. However, her boxes turned out to be a bit different than our finds. In her grandfather's boxes she found a payroll check from Mickey Mantle during his first year of professional baseball. She also had a photo of he and his baseball team during the same time period. Here's what the woman said:

"My grandfather was the secretary of the Independence Baseball Club and for some reason, he just decided to keep them. He'd cashed their checks, and he kept them from going to the trashcan after they got cashed. That's really all I know. You know, we found them up in a box in the attic." 

The appraiser, Mike Gutierrez, said the photo was of the Independence Yankees of 1949 with Mickey Mantle in it (he had his eyes closed in the photo). The photo was dated Aug. 30, 1949 and was about three months after Mantle had started playing professional baseball.

After Gutierrez appraised the check for approximately $30,000 to $50,000 he asked her if there were any more checks. The woman, who was gasping and crying by this time, said there were five more of them.

But she was laughing by the time he told her they might bring $150,000 to $200,000 and he might be low at that appraisal.    
Here's to wishing everyone on Antiques Roadshow has the luck of this woman rather than the luck of my siblings and I. 

Happy Antiquing! 
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