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More Ways to Watch

There are so many ways to get news these days … it’s pretty incredible if you think about it. Even in the last five years changes in technology mean that we can go online to news sites like PBS Newshour or NPR, use Ustream live video, or catch up with what’s happening in the world using Twitter or other social media apps. 

And it all becomes so very personal since we can use these tools at almost any time and place we choose through the use of mobile devices.


Technological changes come so quickly now it’s almost impossible to keep up. At times I’m more than a bit overwhelmed by the speed of our changing techno landscape.

That said, it makes me appreciate sites that are well-organized and easy to use. The PBS Newshour site is especially easy to navigate. Their landing page has recent programs including today’s programming, yesterday’s reports and “More Ways to Watch.” And it’s all there separated into categories like politics, health, business and world to name a few.

The "More Ways to Watch" drop-down takes you to a list where you can choose iPhone and iPad apps, video and links to other social media tools. 

Another feature I like a lot is the ability to watch full episodes of the Newshour or you can parse through the list and watch only the stories that you choose. I’ve noticed the PBS Newshour page also has more and more stories that say “online only” which may be a harbinger of the future. Yes, more changes.

My unsolicited advice? Explore the PBS Newshour website and others and be open to “more ways to watch.” It’s fun and it will help keep you updated on the changing landscape. 

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