Dec. 5, 2011 at 5:36pmRick Steves

On Facebook and In Person

Do you have your tickets to see Rick Steves?

He’s coming to Spokane Wednesday, Dec. 7, to discuss ‘Travel as a Political Act Part II’ at Gonzaga University. 

The ultimate travel guide and TV travel host for the popular PBS series “Rick Steve’s’ Europe,” he’s also a best-selling author of 40 travel books about Europe.

Another place you can connect with Steves is his Facebook page. He’s promoting holiday donations for a fundraiser for 'Bread for the World' on his page. But he also puts up lots of photos that he’s taken himself as well as captions about where he was in the photos.

Today I also viewed a viral video of a double rainbow in Turkey’s remote Cappadocia region. Before you click on it though … turn down the sound down so you don’t have to listen to the videographer say “oh my god” over and over again!

Last but certainly not least … KSPS will air “Rick Steve’s European Travel Marathon” this Wed., Dec. 7, at 7p.m / 8mtn. Apparently he will be live in the KSPS studio for his latest travel extravaganza. Wednesday’s tour starts in Istanbul, then goes to the “splendors of the Balkans, the grandeur of Norway’s fjords, and the rugged beauty of Basque country."

If you go to the live Gonzaga lecture: 

Rick Steves “Travel as a Political Act Part II: Going from Casual Tourist to Global Citizen”

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 5 p.m.

Tickets are $15 for the public. 

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