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Therefore I am….

Have I ever mentioned that shopping is my avocation? Yes, I am called to shop … anywhere, any time, anyhow. 

So naturally I’ve found my way to the KSPS Create webpages. Yes, you too can support your local public TV station and PBS by shopping on the KSPS website. 

I am a big DIY’er so once on the Create site, I went straight for the ARTS pulldown tab -- where I found a terrific video called “Documenting the Face of America: Roy Stryker and the FSA/OWI Photographers DVD.”

Here’s the description: A dramatic story of how an unlikely group worked together for social change and ended up creating one of the most astonishing portraits of America ever compiled. The Farm Security Administration /Office of War Information photographic archive chronicled the heartbreak of the Dust Bowl era through the forced relocation of Japanese-Americans at the outset of WWII. This vast collection of photographs remains hauntingly relevant to our lives today.”

I love reading about history and have always been fascinated by the federal government’s programs during the Great Depression. Had to get it.

I also spotted another history DVD – also on American Photography called “A Century of Images.” I’ll check that one out too.

The other choices under ART among others, are Comedy, British Comedy, Mystery and there are many more categories. 

You can shop by interest like the PBS Parents Shop where there are toys and DVDs; Shop by Series; Issues & Events and Science and Nature. There’s also a Britmania Collection if you’re besotted by the UK’s interpretation of entertainment. Oops and I almost forgot … the “Deal of the Day.”

I had a lovely time this afternoon sitting on the deck with my iPad shopping away to my heart’s delight. I didn't find any handbags but I'll log on Kate Spade's site for that.

Shop on!


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