Jun. 5, 2011 at 11:07pmSocial Media

An opportunity to interact and communicate

Did I mention how much I enjoy social media? You know … blogging, Tweeting, Face Booking, Linking In, YouTubing and a myriad of ways that we’ve come to know, rather quickly, as communication tools?

Social media is pretty amazing. It feels like a whirlwind with no apparent limits to its potential. People are using social media tools like this blog, to get their message out on a personal level, to communicate business to business, to promote and/or market, to network and to socialize, just to name a few.

At KSPS, social media is used to communicate its mission of developing and delivering quality programs and services that educate, enrich and entertain diverse audiences.

KSPS’ stated purpose is to broaden horizons; to transport and transform; to be a gateway to new ideas and new worlds from every walk of life.

Social media serves as a place for interaction, a place for civic discourse.

So be proactive and use social media to communicate with KSPS bloggers by making comments and asking questions. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Social media is here to stay. Use it to your advantage - it’s a two-way street that gives you license to share who you are, your thoughts and your opinions.

Stay connected!

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