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By Judith Spitzer

I don't know about you but I am inundated with paper! Aren't we supposed to have less paper in this... the computer age? Still there are things I need to keep and I'm a piler. I know 'they' say you should only look at a paper or bill once and then deal with it and put it in its file; trash it; pend it or whatever. I have my piles and I'm fine with that. To each her own I say.

One of the things I do print out and keep every week is the e-Friends Weekly Newsletter.

The Newsletter contains highlights of KSPS programs for the week. It's a good reminder to jog your memory about shows you don't want to miss. And KSPS absolutely doesn't share your email address with any other organizations.

You too can get the e-Friends Newsletter in your very own inbox every week by subscribing to it. It's pretty simple. On the lower, left hand side on the first web page, just click on Sign up for the free e-Friends weekly Newsletter. Next, you'll just be asked to provide your email address plus your name and address.

And maybe, unlike me, you'll be able to just save it to read online instead of printing it out. But don't feel bad if you do. Some of us just like the feel of having something in our hands instead of on the computer screen!

Happy reading!

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