From the Board Chair

Posted by Skyler Reep on

Hello Friend,

A few weeks ago, a friend reminded me that “April showers bring May flowers.” It has been a very gray, wet spring; so the beautiful spring bulbs, flowering bushes and trees bring a smile to my face and make me want to spend all of my time outside working in the yard and garden.

Recently your KSPS Board of Directors spent two of those cold, gray days inside working on updating our Strategic Plan to carry us through the next three years. If you’ve never done this for your business or volunteer organizations you are affiliated with, I’m here to tell you it is hard work. However it is an amazing process that gets the creativity flowing.

One of the first changes we made was to our mission statement. You’ve probably seen the mission statement every month when you open Prevue yet didn’t notice the subtle — but important —  change. We added “Public Television” to delineate what KSPS does. It may not seem like much; but, interestingly, people still sometimes confuse KSPS with the “other” Spokane public media: radio.

Our strategic priorities for the next three years include:

  1. Building a Foundation for a Sustainable Future. We will grow funding and stay relevant in an ever-changing media environment. Without financial stability we are unable to fulfill the mission.
  2. Facilitating Community Conversations. We will continue to be a credible, impartial source for public affairs programming in the communities we serve.
  3. Inspiring Lifelong Learning. We will be the place that diverse communities turn to for unique educational resources and programming that support their desire for lifelong learning.

Accompanying these initiatives are detailed objectives with timelines as well as the department responsible for execution. Additionally, we created a Vision Statement and a list of core values. The Board will be monitoring the progress towards these goals as a part of their regular board meetings.

As we continue through this beautiful time of year with the increasing hours of daylight and warmer weather, don’t forget to stay tuned for all of your favorite programs; and be sure to participate in the many special events we have lined up to help us celebrate 50 years of great Public Television.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

All the Best,
Pati Dahmen
Chair, Friends of KSPS Board of Directors