A Dashing Afternoon of Downton Abbey With KSPS

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Last Sunday, December 13th, the Bing Theater in downtown Spokane was transported back in time as hundreds of fans descended upon it for the Downton Abbey Season 6 Screening Party--most of them in costume!

The crowd was enthusiastic and breathless with anticipation! In the trivia event before the screening, KSPS General Manager Gary Stokes could scarcely get out an entire question, before the answers were eagerly shouted! Oohs and aahs descended during the sneak preview of the show’s first hour, and everyone left in high spirits! Another successful KSPS event, and the last Downton Abbey premiere event.

We’d like to send a big thanks to all our volunteers and KSPS employees who make these events possible, as well as a heartfelt thanks to the Coeur D’Alene Tribe and Casino Resort Hotel for their generous support!

Stay tuned for the Season 6 Premiere of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece, January 3rd at 8pm/9mt on KSPS!

And keep an ear out for our Downton Abbey marathon preceding the series finale. As Gary Stokes would say, it will be a “marathon of magnificent proportions, a Downton deluge,” every episode in the series to date.