To KSPS supporters...

Posted by Dawn Bayman on

I’m sure by now, you’re used to hearing from me in the context of money. You’re probably waiting for some combination of pledge, support, gifts, programs, volunteers and — my favorite — thank you. Well get ready…because all of those words are going to show up here…but not quite in the way you’d expect.

First, your support for all we do here at KSPS is invaluable. From the volunteers who give of their time and talent to help us in so many ways: from answering phones at the front desk and pledge table to making sure all of those books and DVDs make it to your home; to those who attend our different events, to those who always answer the call when we need you; and so much more. Thank you for the many gifts you bring to us every day.

Thank you as well for making us your go-to place for the best programs on television…anywhere.  That includes new seasons of Downton Abbey and Sherlock, Think Wednesday – featuring Nova and Nature, Frontline, Antiques Roadshow, NewsHour and so much more. And don’t forget the 145 hours of local and regional programming — from Northwest Profiles and Health Matters to Washington Grown. Your support makes all these possible and more.

As we start our new year— one filled with obstacles and opportunities- -we pledge to continue to be there for you: bringing you the best in news, music, arts , science, nature, drama and more.

And we have a few surprises in store…so Stay Tuned…it’s going to be an interesting year!

Gary Stokes, KSPS General Manager

(Here’s a hint – the new season of Downton Abbey starts in January, but if you’re a fan…you might want to keep the second weekend in December open…More to come….)