I'm a PBS Kid

Posted by Dawn Bayman on
Gary Stokes, KSPS General Manager

… and a KSPS adult; and if you’re reading this, I’ll bet you are too. So I’m using this space here to remind you about the magic and the power of our PBS Kids programming:

For example, did you know —
    —    that Sesame Street has been around since 1969?
    —    that in just two years Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is one of the most popular programs on KSPS (as evidenced by the long lines to meet him at last year’s KSPS FitKids! Day.)
    —    that KSPS provides more family-friendly, commercial- free daily children’s programs than any other broadcast and cable network? 

Of course you did — because you may have grown up watching Sesame Street and Mister Rogers and Clifford and Caillou and Curious George and Wishbone and…well, you get the idea.

So why all of the attention on PBS/KSPS children’s programming?  Well, with summer here and while school may be out, KSPS is doubling down on PBS Kids with extra episodes of all of your favorites   (be sure to check the listings.) Secondly, after a nationwide study on the impact of PBSKids programming, just like your vegetables, PBSKids is not only good…it’s good for you! 

86% of parents say PBSKids provides tremendous help in preparing their children for school,
9 out of 10 parents/caregivers are likely to use PBSKids  for school preparedness
and 74% say their children exhibit more positive behavior after watching PBSKids programming
So… PBS and KSPS are not only building better students…we’re helping to build better people.

You may have noticed a recent membership campaign around Children’s programming, and while we raised funds and awareness, we’d like to see more support for this critically important part of our mission.  So you’re going to be seeing more of an effort around PBSKids this summer, hence the above title “I’m a PBSKid.” We’re building an entire campaign around that theme…with people from all of our communities talking about the positive impact of PBSKids on their lives and their families. We’re also bringing back FitKids! Day.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of our Friends who took the time to meet with me during my recent trip to Edmonton and Calgary. It’s always fun to make new friends and renew acquaintances and I look forward to meeting more of you in all of our communities. Special thanks to Friends of KSPS Board members Mary Phillips-Rickey (Edmonton) and Bob Morrison (Calgary.) Your advice, counsel and support are greatly appreciated.

And now, I’ve got to go…its Daniel Tiger Time!

Gary Stokes, General Manager