Born to Learn: Brain Science and Early Learning

Posted by Dawn Bayman on

The newest KSPS documentary premieres on Thursday, July 30, 7pm/8Mtn. If you are involved in raising young children, caring for them, teaching or supporting them in any way, you'll want to watch Born to Learn: Brain Science and Early Learning.

The program gathers the latest scientific information and shares it in an easy-to-understand way, with engaging graphics and explanations from leading experts from the University of Washington’s I-LABS, Chicago Medical School, Dr. Bette Hyde and others. The end result is a one-hour program that parents, grandparents, caregivers—anyone involved in raising and educating young children--will find fascinating and useful.

I doubt there is another way to spend one hour to get such a complete understanding of the way children’s brains develop and your crucial role in that development.

KSPS staffers Mary DeCesare and Jim Zimmer have spent nearly a year on the project, which is part of the KSPS Kids Forward initiative. 

You can watch the trailer here. Please let us know what you think of the program after you see it on Thursday, July 30, 7pm/8Mtn. 

We are grateful to Empire Health Foundation, the Hagan Foundation and Harry and Adele Roberts for providing the funding that made Born to Learn possible. 


Dawn Bayman