The Downton Abbey Ultimate Binge Weekend!

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To make sure it goes out with as much aplomb, as much pomp and circumstance as it deserves, KSPS will be providing you with a marathon to end all marathons. A “veritable deluge of Downton” as General Manager Gary Stokes noted at our last Downton Abbey soiree. Three straight days jam packed with every Downton Abbeyepisode from all 6 seasons, starting March 4th and culminating in the season finale on Sunday, March 6th. On top of everything, there will be a party at the Bing Theater in Spokane, Washington where you can join KSPS to watch the final episode of the Final Season!

We want this 72 hours of glamorous Downton Abbey glory to be a true celebration with our favorite KSPS andDownton Abbey fans! There are several ways you can be actively involved, and even on air during the event!

First, KSPS is hosting another Down-Ton of Stuff Giveaway! You won’t want to miss out on this basket of goodies. All you have to do to enter is like our Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pages! (Don’t worry, if you’re already a fan, you already have one entry! But it wouldn’t hurt to like the other pages, now would it? You can’thave too much of your favorite programs!) Stay tune for ways to win more entries as the contest draws closer.

Over at KSPS, we’ll be stuck in the studio for three days straight. We’d love it if you could keep us company by sending in pictures, videos, stories of your favorite Downton Abbey memories, or Downton Abbey parties! Your input could end up on the air! Share your stuff and comment on our social media channels, and stay tuned for on-air instructions for more ways to submit. (Don't forget #DowntonKSPS if you're binge-ing and tweeting!) 

Finally, whip out your costumes for the epic finale party at The Bing Theater in Spokane. Festivities start at 7pm, and tickets are available here.

We would like to thank all our sponsors of the Binge-Watch, Masterpiece for giving us 6 memorable seasons ofDownton Abbey, and all the supporters of KSPS who enable us to continue airing these amazing productions.