Translator Updates – Libby, MT and Central WA

Last Updated by Doug Minor on

The new satellite receivers are up and running at the new-and-improved Libby translator site. This means that everyone served by this translator should be seeing KSPS again. If not, please call our Engineering Help Desk and one of our helpful staff will walk you through troubleshooting your home system.

Now, on to Central Washington: KSPS is back on in the Omak area – hurray! It is looking, however, like things are going to take longer in the Brewster/Pateros area. The translator board has not yet decided what to do about the site that burned down, so things are still up in the air there. As we get more information we will share it here.

There are complaints still about service in Malott. The problem may be with the site on Fox Mtn. – our engineer will be personally visiting that site soon to narrow down the problem and resolve it. Also – there is going to be a County Commissioners meeting Nov. 2nd about dissolving the TV District. Our engineer will the meeting. He is also scheduled to meet with other Spokane broadcasters before that meeting to form a contingecy plan. This could possibly mean the Spokane broadcasters would take over operating the sites if the District in fact dissolves. All of this is very preliminary and speculative at this point; so plaese know that we will gather more information and post it here as it becomes available and verified.

Thank you all for your patience!