Weather – 3; Translators – ½

Posted by Doug Minor on

The translator news this week from our KSPS engineers: Bridgeport down; Troy, MT down; Missoula, MT down; Omak half-power. Now for the details:

Unfortunately, Bridgeport is off the air until further notice. Our engineer will need to access the site to restore service; and the weather/snow conditions right now are making that out of the question. But we all know how resourceful he is – and if past successes are an indicator, if anyone can make it there, he can. So don't give up all hope yet.

Montana – ALL of Montana – is our other problem-area. Power outages are the cuplrit this time: one outage affected TV Mountain, which serves Missoula; the other was the line to King Mountain, affecting viewers in Troy. In Missoula, all of the other Spokane stations were restored EXCEPT KSPS. No, it wasn't a was just an unfortunate accident of placement. The building our translator is housed in did not come back up after the outage. Site work will have to take place for Missoula to be restored.

Now, the (somewhat) silver lining – Omak. Omak Mountain has been back up for a while, with the caveat that it is only operating at half-power for now. For most of you in the area, everything should be normal and you'll know no difference. Others who were at the fridge of reception may experience an interruption until such time as we can restore the site to full power. Bear with us as winter keeps up its full-court-press on the Inland Northwest.