Contest for Kids and Classrooms 2-6

Aqua Duck says: Don't pollute our water. It's beneath you.

Help us get the word out on how to protect our water!

Create a billboard that shows why protecting our water is so important!

Individual, Class and School Prizes

There will be one individual winner who will get to have their design published on a real billboard in Spokane, as well as on air and on Each classroom winner (one for each participating grade, 5 total) will win a pizza party. And the school with the greatest percentage of participation will be featured online and on air and win a school assembly with Aqua Duck as the special guest!

Billboard Guidelines

Your billboard design needs to show how people can help prevent water pollution or depict how to educate others about the issues of water pollution. 

Your design must have the following in order to qualify:


The phrase, "Don't pollute our water. It's beneath you."


The web site address:


Focus on water pollution prevention


A picture of Aqua Duck


Judging Guidelines

All work must include entry form, be original, contain correct information and include the 4 items listed above. you may enter individually or as part of a class. Billboards should be sized at 16 inches wide by 7 inches tall.*
*Other sizes will be accepted, but 16”x9” is best proportioning for billboard.

All entries will become property of KSPS Public Television and will not be returned. Questions? Email or call 800-735-2377

Download Contest Entry Form.jpg

Send to: KSPS Aquifer Contest - 3911 S Regal St - Spokane, WA 99223

Brought to you by: KSPS and the Spokane Joint Aquifer Board

NGSS Classroom Resources:


  • What can every person do to conserve our drinking water?
  • Water Conservation Ideas
  • Protect our drinking water quality
  • Safely dispose of all wastes especially hazardous household products. See the Spokane Waste Directory for disposal information and vendors.
  • Find Alternative Products and Tips to reduce the use of hazardous materials for every part of your home.

Links to organizations that work to protect our water:

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2016 Poster Winners

2016 Video Winner

2016 Story Winner

Previous Contest Winners

Aquaduck Saves the Day

Mikayla Fox Spokane International Academy 3-24-16

Once there was a old couple who decided they didn’t like the color of their house. So they, along with their kids went to the store to pick out a color to paint their house. They finally decided on a beautiful ocean blue. They thought they would need about a gallon of paint. After they had picked out their color and had it made, they went home and all pitched in on helping to paint the house.  They called the color they chose, bluetiful. It took them four days to get the painting job done and after that, they still had a fourth of a gallon left.

“Well, I guess we’ll never need to use this color again. I’ll go to the dump tomorrow and bring the paint with me along with all those leaves we raked,” said the father.

The next morning the father got up early to take the garbage to the dump. He went outside and grabbed the paint bucket and a garbage bag and was about to dump it out when suddenly he heard a ZAP! He turned around and found nothing. He looked in the tree but saw nothing. When he turned back around he saw a blue duck standing there.

“Who are you?” dad said.

“I am Aquaduck! and I am here to tell you… DON’T THROW AWAY PAINT!”

“Why not?” replied dad.

“Because, when you throw away paint it goes to the incinerator to get burned up releasing terrible gasses into the air. That is why it is important to put waste in the proper safe place. ” Aquaduck explained.

“Well then Mr. Aquaduck what should I do with all this leftover paint?” asked dad.

“You should dry the paint out before you throw it away,” answered Aquaduck.

“How do you dry it out?” dad questioned

Suddenly Aquaduck started floating away into the air higher and higher and higher and just about disappeared he yelled, "To learn more visit!"