Go, Slow and Whoa Foods

Sometimes it's hard to know which foods to eat to be healthy.

Go FoodsGo Foods

These are foods that are good to eat almost anytime. They are the healthiest ones. For example: fresh fruits and vegetables; lean meat, poultry, or fish; whole grain foods; and skim milk, low fat yogurt and unprocessed cheese. These healthy foods are the lowest in fat and sugar and have relatively few calories. They are also "nutrient dense", providing a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that make your body healthy and strong.

Slow FoodsSlow Foods

These are sometimes foods. They aren't off-limits, but they shouldn't be eaten every day. These foods are high in fat, added sugar and calories. At most, they should be eaten once a week like waffles and pizza.

Whoa FoodsWhoa Foods

These foods should make you say exactly that - Whoa! Should I eat that? Whoa foods are the least healthy and the most likely to cause weight problems, especially if a person eats them all the time. Whoa foods, like French fries, cake, donuts, and candy contain a lot of fat and added sugar. They're loaded with calories and low in nutrients. That's why Whoa foods are once-in-a-while foods, for special occasions, in small portions

So learn when to say Go and when to say Whoa!