Simple or Complex?

Carbohydrates give our body energy. But what exactly are they?

Complex Carbohydrates Many foods contain carbohydrates like whole grain breads, pasta, rice and even fruits and vegetables. But not all carbohydrates are the same.

Some carbohydrates are complex and very good for us, like whole grains and unrefined foods. These complex carbohydrates satisfy our hunger and provide a long lasting steady stream of energy.

But, simple carbohydrates, like candy, and refined foods do not give our body the energy it needs. In fact, eating candy, donuts, cake, and piling on sugar from the sugar bowl can make you a little nutty. These types of foods are full of simple carbohydrates and fat. They zip through your body, giving you a spurt of energy, only to quickly fizzel out making you tired, hungry, and cranky. This quick rise in blood sugar is hard for your body to handle and may be linked to health problems like diabetes and heart disease. They also can make you gain weight.

So when it comes to carbohydrates, be complex.