The Problem with Soda

Did you know that what you drink is as important as what you eat for maintaining a healthy weight?

Problem with soda It's true. Many overweight kids drink soda pop and sugary drinks throughout the day. That can really pack on the pounds!

So, how much soda do you drink? Do you ever think about what it does for you? Or worse, what it doesn't do for you? It might be time to start doing just that.

Here are some of the ways Soda is contributing to bad health:

  1. The Problem with Soda Soda-Pop is full of empty calories. Meaning it has no nutritional value for your body. This contributes to obesity because people forget that they are drinking a ton of extra calories.
  2. Soda-Pop has been linked with harmful diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and increased risk of stroke.
  3. Soda-Pop contains carbonic acid, which can eat at your teeth, leading to increased chances of getting cavities.
  4. The fructose in soda is said to increase chances of having high blood pressure.
  5. Rather than quenching your thirst like you think it does, it actually dehydrates you!
  6. It also makes your bones weaker by removing calcium!

The problem with soda is that it doesn't do anything good for your body! Sure, it's okay to drink soda every once in a while, but for those on a daily, or even weekly habit of drinking soda, it's time to make a change!

Drink water. Beautiful power water.

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The Problem with Soda Pop


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