Our Mission for FitKids

FitKids, Healthy for Life!

KSPS's New Children's Wellness Campaign

Childhood Obesity is an epidemic.

Nearly a third of our children are overweight or obese, and the numbers continue to rise. If we don't act, we're in danger of raising the first generation of children who may live sicker and die younger than the generation before them.

To fight Childhood Obesity, KSPS is launching a new children's health campaign called, FitKids, Healthy For Life.

FitKids is a series of commercial length messages educating children about how to stay fit and healthy for life. The spots will air during PBS children's programming on KSPS. In addition, there is a companion website, KSPSfitkids.org, which is packed with additional resources and information.

FitKids' educational messages cover the following themes:

  • 60 minutes of exercise every day
  • Why exercise is so cool! Strong bones. Strong Muscles. Strong Heart. Strong mind
  • Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day
  • Stay in balance, energy balance, maintaining a healthy weight
  • Feed the body, Fuel the mind
  • Health, Culture and Traditional ways
  • Now we're cooking!
  • Food Glorious Food. From seed to table
  • Mindful eating. You are what you eat.
  • Water Power

So Move it. Groove it. Shake it and Kick it.

Be a FitKid. Healthy for Life.


Campaign Overview