Child Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Background to Childhood Obesity The background

As human beings we all need to eat food in order to survive. One of the things that gives us energy is glucose. That's a sugar that your body has to break down in order to get the energy you need. How does your body make energy out of the glucose? Insulin! It helps your body absorb and turn the sugars into energy that keeps you going all day!

The problem

If your body doesn't make enough insulin or can't work on it fast enough to break it all down, you will end up with high blood sugar levels. This is because the food you put into your body has to be broken down. If it isn't, there will just be extra glucose sugars in your body! Most often, this is a sign of Type Two Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Caused by Bad Eating Habits The cause

Although people can be prone to Diabetes because of a parent or sibling having it, it is said to be a lifestyle disease. It only happens because of the way people choose to eat, drink, exercise and live. Pretty much, people develop diabetes when they are putting too many calories into their bodies and not exercising enough to burn them off.

The correlation

Childhood obesity is linked directly with the development of Type Two Diabetes. Children in the US have become steadily more sedentary with the development of video games, TV, and fast food. Not enough exercise and too much eating is causing children to be overweight and develop diabetes.

Exercising is the cure to obesity The Cure

Get out there and exercise! Eat healthy and balance your caloric intake with the amount you burn by exercising. Don't eat too many sweets or fatty foods without a direct balance of exercise and healthy eating to counteract them.

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