Team Up, Buddy Up

Team up - Buddy up

Have you ever noticed how trying something new is more fun with a friend? Less scary too. Teaming up with a buddy is a great way to try a new sport. Sports help give our bodies the exercise it needs. Plus it's challenging, fun, and a great way to make new friends and stay fit.

Team Up and Learn the Value of Teamwork There are many reasons to get involved in sports. You learn the values of teamwork, discipline and friendly competition. On a sports team you build new friendships with your teammates and coaches, learning to work together toward a common goal.

Plus, studies show that kids who play sports do better in school, learn to manage their time better, and develop goal-oriented thinking. They learn that if they work hard, they can achieve. And they apply this to all areas of their life.

Remember, as kids, we need 60 Minutes of physical exercise every single day. Joining a sports team can go a long way toward reaching that goal.


Team Up - Buddy Up