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Born to Learn: Brain Science and Early Learning

Television every parent, grandparent and caregiver should see.

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This documentary produced by KSPS Public Television explores the fascinating science behind brain development and early learning. Some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject explain what’s going on in a baby’s brain. Although brain development begins before birth and continues throughout adulthood, the most rapid development occurs in the first three years of life. By age three, a child has three times more brain activity than an adult. Thanks to new imaging technology used in neurobiology, scientists can now actually look inside the brains of young children.  They can see the brain in action: how it grows, how it acts and how it reacts.  What they're learning is changing the way we view Early Learning. Born to Learn is part of the KSPS Kids Forward Initiative on Early Learning.

Thanks to these donors for making Born to Learn possible:

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