baby smilingThe Raising of America: Are We Crazy About our Kids? The Cost Benefit Equation

Investing in high-quality early care and education pays for itself in many ways and many times over. This episode brings to life the classic economic studies of Perry Preschool and other initiatives conducted by Nobel laureate James Heckman, former Federal Reserve economist Arthur Rolnick and others which illustrate how we can either invest early for success or pay more for failure later. So, what is holding us back?

Followed by a panel discussion about early learning in the Inland Northwest

What is the economic impact of early learning in the Inland Northwest? How is our community creating a better learning environment for our young children? How can parents prepare their children for success in school and beyond?


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Moderator: Kathryn McCormick


  • Dr. Bette Hyde, Washington State's Department of Early Learning Director
  • Senator Andy Billig, District 3 (D-Spokane)
  • Dr. Vincent Alfonso, Gonzaga University, Dean of the College of Education
  • Lee Williams, Director, Child Care Aware of Eastern Washington, Community-Minded Enterprises

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