Tools to Help Grownups Help Kids

Tragedies and disasters leave us asking, "How do we explain things to our children and how can we help them get through this?"

Resources & tips to help you help your kids, and make difficult conversations a little easier

Quick Tips for Parents and Caregivers

  1. It's normal to feel anxious, unsettled, or even helpless. Keep in mind that children respond to and learn from your reactions.

  2. You know your child best and will be able to pick up on slight behavior changes that could indicate stress.

  3. Encourage your child to ask questions too. Let her know that it's okay to express feelings.

  4. Children want to know that you will care for them and that things will get better. Hugs help!

  5. Mealtimes, errands and ordinary moments offer great chances to talk with your child.

  6. Planning for emergency situations as a family can reassure everyone.

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