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David Douglas in the Shrub Steppe with Jack Nisbet

August 21, 2012

Tuesday August 21, 7:30pm enjoy an evening with local renown naturalist, author and teacher Jack Nisbet. Topic "David Douglas in the Shrub Steppe"

Scottish naturalist David Douglas spent much of 1826 collecting flora and fauna in the Columbia Basin. In mid-summer he traveled with a Hudson's Bay Company horse brigade from the mouth of the Clearwater River to Spokane House, following flood coulees and tribal trails on a route that took them close to Turnbull. In this powerpoint presentation we will look at some of what Douglas saw, and try to figure out how things have changed here over the past two centuries.

A suggested $5.00 donation

For more info call Louise OLeary (509)235-4531 looeezoleary@netscape.net

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