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February Events

February 18, 2013

Family Day at Rutherford House

Celebrate Family Day by visiting the former home of Alberta’s first Premier and the founder of the University of Alberta. Take a tour to learn more about the history of this 102 year old structure and the family that called it home for almost 30 years. Find out about the Delta UpSilon Fraternity that lived here after the Rutherford family sold the house in 1940. Visitors will step back in time to the Edwardian era as they make a craft; play old-fashioned games, and sample cookies baked in the wood-burning stove. Other highlights include the chance to make a snow sculpture/snowman (weather permitting) with a family theme outside Rutherford House followed by some refreshing hot chocolate. Children will also get the opportunity to dress up in old-fashioned costumes, bring your cameras! Come to Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site on Family Day and spend some time in a historic atmosphere. Read More