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October Events

October 24, 2013

“Done in One” Spokane Public Radio’s one day pledge drive

"Done in One" Spokane Public Radio’s one day pledge drive happens on October 24, 2013 5 AM-9 PM. Tune in to KPBX 91.1, KSFC 91.9, and KPBZ 90.3, stream online at spokanepublicradio.org, or stop by the station (2319 N Monroe St, Spokane) to join in on the fun and support your local public radio station. Read More

Interplayers Theatre presents Never the Sinner

Interplayers Theatre opens the 2013-2014 season with Never the Sinner by John Logan. On stage from October 24 to November 9, 2013. This edge of your seat off-broadway courtroom drama depicts two boys who commit murder just to do it, just to experience the thrill. This emotional roller-coaster is based on the infamous 1924 "Trial of the Century" of Leopold and Loeb, and focuses on one of America's most famous lawyers, Clarence Darrow as he must defend the monstrous and bring justice for the depraved. Read More