Viewing KSPS on Translators

KSPS is re-broadcast on the translators listed below for over-the-air viewers who live outside the immediate Spokane area. Some translators have converted to digital. Others will convert in the future.Thanks to the volunteer translator associations whose work makes KSPS available in these areas.

  • To receive an analog signal you will need an antenna and an analog TV or a converter box that has the "analog pass through" feature.
  • To receive a digital signal you will need an antenna and a digital TV or a converter box. A "rescan" or "autotune" of your TV or converter box may be necessary.
  • For more detailed information about the signals available at your address:
  • We recommend a combination UHF/VHF antenna. The recommended feed line (coax) is called RG-6. For more information about antennas and how to get the best reception:
  • Need more help? Call us at 800-735-2377 or email