Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle is made up of individuals and families whose exceptional generosity strengthens the impact and enhance the value of public television. Membership in the Leadership Circle is attained by making contributions of $1,000 or more each year. These donations significantly boost the capacity of KSPS to go beyond the ordinary - to select outstanding programs that continually nourish the innate human desire to learn. They, along with all members of Friends of KSPS, believe in the mission of public television and do what they can to provide a solid foundation for this valuable community resource. Support for our members ensures quality programs, community connections and life-long learning today and for generations to come. Contributions provide education, entertainment and inspiration - keeping people connected to their communities and world!


Besides the monthly Prevue magazine, there are additional benefits available to Leadership Circle members as recognition for their exceptional generosity.

  • Special handling of membership and renewal activities

  • Complimentary copy of local productions when requested

  • Ability to select two gifts of their choosing each year

  • Invitations to premieres of local productions, special programs or events

  • Recognition in Prevue Magazine and on KSPS (unless anonymous membership is requested)

For more information:

Sandra Kernerman