Become a KSPS Sustainer

Convenient, automatic, ongoing monthly contributions you can change or stop at any time--you're in charge!

Sustainers are some of the station’s most dedicated supporters: 

People like you, who care enough to invest in your station by contributing $5 or more each month through automatic monthly deductions from your checking account or credit card. That means continuous membership for you without the hassle of renewal reminders from us. It provides a stable source of income for KSPS and helps cut down on paperwork--better for the environment.

Pledge, join or renew and choose the Sustainer option to become a KSPS Sustainer!

As a KSPS Sustainer you’ll receive:

  • Uninterrupted membership from one year to the next, so there’s never a lapse in your Prevue program guide subscription.
  • Program updates and news to keep you informed all year long.
  • An annual summary of your contributions in January.
  • Automatic renewal, without letters or phone calls from KSPS.


For more information:

Kerry Lockhart