Autism: Unraveling the Mystery

It is the fastest-growing developmental disability in North America, affecting one in every one hundred fifty births each year. The number of children whose lives are reshaped by autism grows at a rate of more than 10 percent a year, costing the health care system $90 billion each year. In addition, this condition often follows the individual into adulthood — so much so that 90% of those costs are for providing adult services. But the statistics reveal nothing about the ways both children and their families struggle with this dreaded disorder.

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Guest Panelists

  • Dawn Sidell RN BSN, Executive Director, Northwest Autism Center
  • Glenn Tripp MD, Medical Director, Developmental Services Division, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center
  • Alan Gill MD,Tacoma Family Medicine
  • Steve Allen MS, Behavior Consultant, North Idaho Behavioral Health