Vision Quest

Working on the computer giving you headaches? Can’t hold the book far enough away to focus when reading?

Our eyes are complex organs that change over our lifetime. Good vision is important to learning at all ages, especially early childhood. As we age, the likelihood of developing certain eye conditions and diseases increases. In our forties we begin losing the ability to focus at close range –hello “cheaters”. As we enter our sixties the risk of developing dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration and cataracts is much greater. From eye drops to LASIK surgery, our panel of experts will make this an “eye opening” experience.

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Vision Quest

Guest Panelists

  • Dr. Christina Nye, Northwest Pediatric Ophthalmology and works with Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Alan Johnson, Optometrist with Spokane Eye Clinic.
  • Dr. Erik Skoog, Ophthalmologist at Spokane Eye Clinic.
  • Dr. Monty Smick, Optometrist at Vision Arts Eyecare Center.