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KSPS drops in on some fascinating Northwest neighbors — get to know the unique people, places and happenings that make this diverse region ‘home.’

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May 29, 2014    click below to watch online

Faux Flower Fancy
Creating bouquets that last a lifetime, Mary Eberle makes paper flowers bloom.  Watch Online

Faith Value
Meet Mary Stamp, who shares stories of faith and inspiration as editor of The Fig Tree ecumenical Newspaper.   Watch Online

Kiln-fired Murals

Brush, paint and kiln transform the colorful paintings of Mimi Ross into ceramic tile murals.  Watch Online

Profiles in Courage

In honor of Memorial Day the heroic exploits of WWII Bataan survivors Sam Grashio and Jack Donohoe. Their story was first told on Northwest Profiles in May 1995, and more recently in the documentary "Escape in the Pacific".    Watch Online

 KSPS recently made the original 1995 interviews with Sam and Jack available online. To hear more of their ordeal as Japanese POW's follow the links below:
Jack Donohoe interview

April 24, 2014   click below to watch online

Pretty Women          Watch Online

They say that beauty is only skin deep, but for a generous makeup artist from Spokane, it goes all the way to her soul.  Julie Farley is the founder of Project Beauty Share, a nonprofit agency which collects beauty and hygiene products for low-income women in the community.

Roasting Away          Watch Online

Sustainable - Free Trade - Organic Coffee – the trademark of Roast House, a Spokane coffee Roaster who specializes in roasting truly premium coffees. Owner Debra Di Bernardo characterizes Roast House as 100% ethical sustainable and delicious coffees

Lights, Camera, Slam          Watch Online

Follow two teams of filmmakers for a weekend. The 50 Hour Slam invites aspiring filmmakers in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area to compete by creating a 3-6 minute film in just 50 consecutive hours. Go on location to meet some of the organizers and filmmakers as they write, shoot and edit their creations.

On May 3 the 50 HOUR SLAM premiered this year’s top 16 local shorts films at the Bing Crosby Theater. The judges had their say, now it's your turn to watch all the entries and vote on your favorites. Check out the 2014 Slam VIRAL VOTE!  Hurry, it ends soon.

Sweeping Beauty          Watch Online

Travel to the artisan rich community of Crawford Bay, B.C. and experience with the help of two skilled craftsmen the art of broom making. Using century old techniques and equipment Rob and Janet Schwieger have been hand crafting stylish corn brooms within their small broom company, North Woven Broom for over two decades. Discover their story and what it takes to create one of a kind brooms like the popular Shaker Flat and Harry Potter brooms. 

March 27, 2014

Watch online!


Stumptown BBQ contest in Whitefish, "Bonnie Guitar"of Soap Lake, Western artist Nelson Boren, Alberta Bluebirds

Big Sky BBQ    watch

Follow the savory smoke signals to the city of Whitefish for the largest barbecue contest in Northwest Montana. The Stumptown BBQ Smoke Off pits BBQ pitmasters, both professional and amateur, in a meaty matchup you can really sink your teeth into.

Americana    watch

Nelson Boren creates watercolor images from Americana that deal with humor, love, family and work.With a technical background of architecture, and having worked on a ranch during his teenage years and marrying into a ranching family, he felt a tremendous respect for the men and women that the world calls “cowboys”, and wanted to tell their stories with his paintings.

Bonnie Guitar    watch

Bonnie Guitar has made a career in music. Her 1957 crossover country hit “Dark Moon” made it to #2 on the charts, second only to Elvis’ “Don’t Be Cruel”. Bonnie has logged time in recording studios as a performer, engineer and record executive. Now retired in Soap Lake, Washington Bonnie still records in her home studio and performs at community events.

Fine-Feathered Farm   watch

See why Mountain Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, and other native cavity-nesters love life on the Ellis Bird Farm.  This 640 acre farm in Alberta’s heartland is really “for the birds” with fabulous flower and water gardens as well as the world’s largest outdoor collection of bluebird nest boxes – 400 and counting!

Earn a reward for spotting the spring's first bluebird!   Learn more

January 30, 2014   Watch online

Silent Flight watch

Join the Inland Empire Quiet Flyers as they take to the skies with their oh-so-silent model airplanes. See and hear (if you listen real close) why radio-controlled gliders sound just right to this flying club based in Spokane.

The Real McCoy watch

Alan McCoy's talent with high-strung instruments is in high demand both on the stage and in the home. See why his expertise is valued by so many local musicians.

Canoe Crew watch

On the shores of Camp Sweyolakan, treasured alums called "Goldens" work to restore the historic canoes that still glide upon Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Different Drummers    watch

Based on a true Spokane story, Different Drummers is a newly released family film about the unlikely friendship of two boys and their unusual spiritual journey.

December 26, 2013

Watch Online

High-Flying Heroes watch

Since 2009, Inland Northwest Honor Flight has been transporting war veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials built to honor their service. Recently, Northwest Profiles had the honor to join an Honor Flight to see firsthand the impact this very special program has on veterans, volunteers, and the community.

"I Believe" watch

Experience the magic & true spirit of Christmas through a Spokane organization that every year, on the second Saturday of December, brings together deserving children and a legion of Santa's helpers known as elves together for a trip they’ll never forget... a fanciful journey to the North Pole and an audience with Santa Clause himself.

Visit Northwest North Pole Adventures online.

October 24, 2013

Tour de Flory Watch

Del Flory is a dandy. How many octogenarians do you know that ride 4,000 miles a year on a bicycle? In fact, Del just recently passed the 99,000 mile mark toward his goal of pedaling 100,000 miles before his 90th birthday next year.

Rhymes with Slam Watch

Go inside the individual World Poetry Slam held in Spokane in the fall of 2013. The event draws poets from all across North America. Seventy-two compete, only one will win. The slam also features public performances, workshops and events just for fun.

Rejuvenation Watch
Harrington Washington is home to a piece of history, that just happens to be a building built at the turn of the 20th century. The Opera house in it’s heyday entertained many events for this small Lincoln county town, but by the mid 1950’s it was shuttered and left to decay. Thanks to the Harrington Opera House Society, this landmark thrives today with the help of volunteers and donations that keep it alive.
Scream Fest Watch
Deep in the forest of Riverside State Park, the zombies rise. In a North Division donut shop, the zombies rise too. And in the Incredible Corn Maze in Hauser Idaho, it’s your pulse that rises to a deafening beat as you outrace the chainsaw-packing zombies! The Walking Dead are everywhere this Halloween season. Come along for a tour, if you dare!

May 2013

Therapeutic Riding Watch

The beneficial aspects of horse riding are front and center at Free Rein Therapeutic Riding in Spokane. Catering to people of all ages with disabilities, Free Rein specializes in the experience and therapeutic qualities of horse riding by accentuating the connection and relationship between horse, rider, and volunteer.

Tiger FFIT

Alexandra Golikov is not a normal teenager. Health and fitness are a way of life for Alex. It's zero hour and she is already working out. Alex feels that sometimes it's hard for teenage girls to feel good about their bodies. That's why, with the help of a few of her friends at Spokane's Lewis and Clark High School, she organized an all girl fitness club called Tiger FFIT. Tiger FFIT is designed to help girls make positive changes in their health and fitness.

Fido's Idaho Watch

Join a one-day-doggie-spectacular at Dog d’Alene in Downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This annual event is a day devoted to “All Things Dog” with contests, demonstrations, exhibits and entertainment that will have you and your pooch “howling” for more.

White Springs Ranch

Visit a unique, family run museum; White Spring Ranch south of Moscow, Idaho. John Lorang purchased the ranch in 1885, and it’s been in the family ever since. The Lorangs have tended to keep items rather than throw them away, so the ranch is now a treasure trove with over a century’s worth of letters, articles and artifacts. The Lorangs have used these items to create a museum which chronicles a broad range of history of the northwest and beyond.

April 25, 2013 Watch

Medalta Potteries

Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, Medalta Potteries was the king of the kiln. It was a ceramic colossus of the Canadian clay industry. And then in 1954, this prodigious potter went bust. But why? Find out as we visit the Medalta Potteries National Historic Site in Medicine Hat, Alberta. This living, working museum is home to the largest collection of Medalta pottery (over 20,000 pieces!) on the planet. watch

Ara Lyman

Encaustic art, a medium that has been practiced for centuries, is alive and well in Spokane Washington. Artist Ara Lyman, a relative new comer to the world of wax and resin, uses her talents creating her brand of mixed media encased in wax. watch

Spokane Valley Heritage Museum

Jayne Singleton is passionate about the past. So when she saw the need for a museum in Spokane Valley, she made it happen. With help from valley residents, Jayne founded and directs the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum. This museum features a wide range of donated photos and artifacts, including everything from kitchen items to tractors to objects from the Titanic. All displays have local connections to Spokane Valley. watch

Remembering Indian artist George Flett

Spokane Indian artist George Flett passed away on January 30, 2013. We pay tribute to this extraordinary artist whose artwork captured the tribal traditions, history and legends of his people. watch

March 28, 2013 Watch

Jensen's Gems

Historian Dick Jensen turns the spotlight on Spokane’s often overlooked yet historic stone markers and monuments. watch

Trophee Mondial

In October 2012, Spokane Washington hosted an International Accordion competition, the 62nd Trophee Mondial to rave reviews. Prior to 2012, the competition was never held outside of Europe, where the majority of competitive accordionists reside. Emerging from the competition was Sam Thomas a local 24 year-old accordionist who won the Senior Variety category. watch

Rafter Burner

British Columbia and Alaska have many spectacular whitewater rivers. Some hardy souls have traveled these waterways using kayaks, which are nimble and maneuverable. But only one man in the world has used a raft to make solo runs down two of these treacherous rivers. Head to the wild with Mark Cramer. watch

Glass Bender

Journey into the fascinating world of the glass bender with Ken Yuhasz, a multi-media artist from Spokane, whose specialty is neon. Neon was introduced in the United States in the early 1920’s, and over 50 years it would become an iconic symbol of the country’s urban landscape. Today, while not nearly as popular as it once was, Neon is still around and in some circles making a come back thanks to the work of Neon Artists like Yuhasz. watch

January 31, 2013 Watch

Apples and Orchards

Randomly placed apple trees and mysterious concrete structures dot the region around Deer Park, Washington. These are the remnants of a large scale, early 1900’s business venture called Arcadia Orchards. The orchard project attracted land buyers and would-be orchardists from all over the U.S., as well as parts of Canada and Europe. Deer Park historian, Peter Coffin tells how his small town became the core of this large boom/bust enterprise. watch

Ride and Seek

For Bryant McKinley, cycling is a way of life. So is being blind. Yet even without his sense of sight, this active Spokane senior has a vibrant vision to win. With Tomas Lynch, his tandem bike teammate, McKinley has his sights set on winning a national bike racing championship. And with it, perhaps cycling’s ultimate prize: the coveted stars and stripes jersey. watch

Transformational Masks

Artist Annie Libertini creates one of a kind, transformational pieces of art that just beg to be worn anddisplayed. With a background in Painting and Illustration, Annie has spent the last 9 years creating masks that beguile while either on the wall or the face. watch

Riding the Rails

Climb aboard the Kettle Valley Steam Railway in Summerland B.C. for a trip through the beautiful Okanagan countryside and into the past. Built between 1910 and 1915, the KVR took BC's fruit industry to world markets until it closed in 1989. Today, the KVR operates as a heritage railway offering passengers a chance to not only enjoy scenic views but experience the antics of "Old West" train robbers too. watch

October 25, 2012 Watch

Leave it to Sheila

Leaves come in all sizes, shapes and colors. And Spokane artist Sheila Evans paints them all. With a fancy for foliage and a degree in fine arts from Gonzaga University, Evans captures the beauty of nature in her luminous, leafy pastel paintings.

Friendship Dance

Once a year, five Northwest tribes gather in Spokane, to sing, dance and drum in the traditional ways of their ancestors. The Friendship Dance was started 20 years ago by two elders, Robert Sherwood and Peter Campbell, with the support of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Their wish was to have a winter dance that would teach young people the traditional songs and dances of the regional tribes. Traditional songs and dances like the Prairie Chicken, the Snake Dance, the Cup Dance, the Round and Owl Dances, the Whip Man and Scalp Dances and the Hangman’s song.

Brick Artist Jim Marshall

Artist James Marshall of Medicine Hat, Alberta keeps hitting a brick wall with his work. He’s created numerous brick murals depicting religious, historic and nature scenes. James’ sculptures are surprisingly intricate and detailed for being set in such a hard substance. Many of his murals are on permanent display in parts of Canada, the U.S. and as far away as Britain and Japan.

Eos Planetarium, Spokane Falls Community College

Opened in the Spring of 2011 the Eos Planetarium not only serves as a virtual classroom for SFCC students but also a place where K-12 students from around the area can come for free to learn and experience the marvels of space . Further, on Friday evenings throughout the school year the Eos Planetarium presents public shows that feature lessons on, “What’s Up In the Night Sky” followed by high definition, full-dome movie presentations.

May 31, 2012 Watch

Robot Rumble

Hard-working high schoolers get ready to rumble – robot style! Experience the ingenuity, intensity and thrills of the FIRST Robotics Competition held at Eastern Washington University this spring.

A Great American Trail

A cadre of volunteers work to complete the Montana portion of the Continental Divide Trail. Stretching 3100 miles through 5 western states, the trail traverses some of the most beautiful areas in the west.

Fine-Feathered Farm

The Ellis Bird Farm in Alberta's heartland is a 640 acre haven for Mountain Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and other "cavity nesters". With fabulous flower and water gardens and the world's largest outdoor collection of bluebird nesting boxes, it attracts tourists as well.

Salvage Czar

Dick Brown, founder of Brown's Building Supply might be called Spokane's original recycler. The self-described pack rat built a family business by seeing the value in things others didn't. Now retired, Dick is a prolific blood donor and member of the 30 gallon club!

April 26, 2012 Watch

Sweeping Beauty

Using century-old techniques and equipment, Rob and Janet Schwieger of Crawford Bay, BC have been hand crafting stylish corn brooms for over 20 years. Popular styles at North Woven Broom Company include the Shaker Flat and of course, Harry Potter.

Farm Fresh Flute

Flutist Alicia Mielke may be a wheat farmer's daughter, but she's got big city dreams of being a professional musician. See how this Harrington, WA farm girl combines agriculture with art.

Vital Organs

J.S. Bach and Robert Moog would both feel at home at the Cantos/National Music Centre in Calgary. On display there is the largest musical instrument collection of its kind; featuring ancient keyboard instruments, harpsichord, organs and piano of all kinds through to modern synthesizers and recording gear.

Certified Organic

Greentree Naturals, located near Sandpoint Idaho has been growing organic produce since 1992. Owners Diane Green and Thom Sadoski make the effort to teach and mentor would-be organic farmers and gardeners on their prolific 2 acre farm.

March 29, 2012 Grand Coulee Dam Special Watch

Two stories from our archives about this modern marvel.

History Under Water focuses on the enormous impact the dam’s construction on a small town located on the Columbia River named Marcus. Produced in 1997, it’s a poignant story told through the eyes of two brothers who grew up in Marcus, Washington.

The Power of Light is our 1996 profiles Grand Coulee’s laser light show. A summertime attraction featuring a choreographed spectacle of sight and sound projected across the dam's spillway.

January 26, 2012 Watch

Happy Days

The recent observance of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior marks a changing of the guard in the Spokane area celebration of the civil rights icon. The Reverend Percy H. Watkins announced he is stepping down to make way for a new generation of leaders. Take a look back at the career of one of the Inland Northwest's "Happiest" leaders.

Troll Story

In 2009, 82 year old Arvid Kristoffersen was voted #2 among the ten best fairy tale artists in Norway. It was quite an honor for this artist given he lives in Northwest Montana. Born and raised in Norway Arvid came to the United States in 1952 after establishing himself in Norway as an outstanding fairy tale illustrator and wood carver. What was intended to be a two year stay abroad turned out to be a lifetime in his adopted home of Kalispell. From there we take a look at the career of this prolific artist who not only introduced the troll to Big Sky Country but whose artistry, much of it celebrating his Norwegian Heritage, can be found in 40 states as well as some 9 countries around the world.

Kindrie Grove “Creative Self-Expression”

Penticton BC artist Kindrie Grove has an eye for art with a unique flavor, and shares it with others through her work and through her instruction.

Guitar Stars

Discover world class music and scenery at the annual Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival, held at Flathead Lake Lodge near Bigfork, Montana. Enjoy performances and insights from big name guitarists Joe Bonamassa (blues), Lee Ritenour (jazz) and Steve Lukather(studio musician, lead guitarist for Toto), as well as new guitar masters Corneille Hutten-Burger and Leon Gropp of South Africa, and David Browne-Murray of Ireland. Experience the best in guitar music, from on-stage power jams to acoustic tunes by the lake.

December 1, 2011 Watch

That’s All Folk
Celebrate a kaleidoscope of cultures at the Spokane Fall Folk Festival. A mosaic of traditional music, dance and art, this annual event showcases the diverse local folk arts community.

Women Warriors
The face of the military has changed. More and more women are seeing combat oversees. When these vets return they are finding the transition back to civilian life can be tough. See how these women warriors are getting help, cowgirl style, as they escape to the country for a weekend of food, fellowship and much more.

Painting With Fire
Travel to Coeur d’ Alene Idaho and meet Mike Schneider a “metal artist” who melds grinding and heating techniques with his imagination to create jaw dropping three dimensional art forms. Mike Schneider Metal Art

Blackfoot Crossing
Northwest Profiles visits Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park. Located an hour east of Calgary, Alberta Blackfoot Crossing takes visitors back in time to experience First Nation cultures which used to inhabit this land.

October 27, 2011 Watch

Enjoy the Premiere of our 25th Season!

Bountiful Baskets
Basketry fiber artist Barbara Kingsland has been creating baskets in Harrop British Columbia for nearly 30 years. Barbara and her husband Terry work together collecting pine needles and cedar bark that are used in creating beautiful works of art. Art that is solid and functional.

Chinese Remembering
Travel up Idaho’s Snake River to visit a compelling historical site. In 1887, more than thirty Chinese miners were murdered for their gold. Now, a group of historians are working to keep the massacre from being forgotten with an annual event called “Chinese Remembering,” which includes lectures and presentations, and a day long jet boat trip to the site of the massacre to conduct a Chinese healing ceremony.

Hot Spot
Step into the backyard of retired firefighter Ray Kresek for a fascinating look at the world of wildfire prevention. Ray’s non-profit Fire Lookout Museum in Spokane, Washington, is home to over 19,000 fire related relics; from lookout towers and vintage fire tools to a 1953 Chevy pumper fire truck. Plus the museum holds possibly the world’s largest collection of Smokey Bear treasures.

Riding the Rails
Climb aboard the Kettle Valley Steam Railway in Summerland B.C. for a trip through the beautiful Okanagan countryside and into the past. Built between 1910 and 1915, the KVR took BC's fruit industry to world markets until it closed in 1989. Today, the KVR operates as a heritage railway offering passengers a chance to not only enjoy scenic views but experience the antics of "Old West" train robbers too.

May 26, 2011 Watch

Mudgy & Millie
Author Susan Nipp has created a children's book in which Mudgy Moose and Millie Mouse play hide & seek in downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. But Susan didn't stop with the book. She hired wildlife artist Terry Lee to create bronze sculptures of Mudgy and Millie, and install them in five different spots in the lakeside city. Susan and Terry share their creative inspirations and processes of bringing Mudgy and Millie to life.
Wee Sing
Terry Lee Art

Mechanical Time

David Stillman knows what it takes to make a clock keep it's beat. Hailing from a family that is tied to the clock making business, David took to the trade and staked out a claim by working on local public clocks becoming one of Spokane's go-to people whenever one needs some repair.

LaVigne Revelation
Artist James Francis LaVigne loves Spokane. And he's got the pictures to prove it. Since the early 70s, this Lilac City native has been capturing the romantic side of Spokane's most beloved landmarks.

Dancing with the Dogs

For the last decade the dancing dog troupe known as the Ruff Revue has been entertaining and delighting audiences at retirement centers, care facilities and at various community events throughout Spokane. Their purpose is to strengthen the bond between humans and animals by sharing their dogs with those who can no longer own a pet. Meet the talented performers and find out what it takes to be a dancing dog. Ruff Revue

April 28 2011 Watch

Saving Salish – A Language Revival

Near Usk, Washington on the Kalispel Reservation tribal members young and old are part of a language revival. They are bringing back the Salish language from the brink of extinction. See how the tribe is saving Salish and in the process reconnecting with its past. Modern Mukogawa
Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute in Spokane is 20 years strong. It provides opportunities for female students from Japan to live and study in Spokane, enjoy home stays with area families, and tour businesses and schools in the student's area of interest. Deep personal connections are forged for both the students and Spokane area residents. KSPS profiles the history, cultural and economic benefits of Mukogawa, and personal reflections from students.

A Penny for Your Puppets
Being a professional puppeteer fits Penny Walter like a glove. Or a hand puppet. Since 2002, Penny’s Puppet Productions (a one woman puppet company) has performed thousands of live shows around the Pacific Northwest. See why delighted audiences are applauding Penny and her prize-winning performances.

February 2011 Watch

The Wandering Table
A Spokane chef is turning dining out into a whole new experience, taking his cooking skills on the road to create one of a kind cuisine. We’re in the kitchen with the crew of The Wandering Table, where the meal and location are kept secret from diners until the last minute.

Creating Keepers
Discover the artistry of Chip Phillips a man driven to excellence both as a musician and a digital photographer. In the world of music Chip’s specialty is the clarinet, not only as the principle clarinetist for the Spokane Symphony but as a professor of clarinet at Gonzaga University. Meantime, in the world of digital photography Chip’s specialty is photographing landscapes. An avid outdoorsman, Chip’s award winning photography has been featured in photo magazines and can be found both on line and at local photo galleries.

In The Moo'd
Visit Spokane’s Family Farm to see how this small dairy is making a big splash in the milk business. It’s a special place where the phrase “farm-fresh” is an udder-statement.

For the Love of Quilts
Suzi Hokonson, a self-described textile artist, folk historian and political social justice activist, loves quilting. She uses her expertise teaching others about the craft, from creation to display, while spreading her love of quilting to anyone who has a desire to learn. learn more

January 2011 Watch

Wild Horse Island
Visit one of the largest islands in North America, in the middle of the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. On Flathead Lake in northwest Montana, Wild Horse Island is a primitive state park that offers visitors miles of hiking trails and views of incredible wildlife including bald eagles and Big Horn sheep. learn more

Teaching Creativity-Illustrator Jack Rogers
Long time Spokane area illustrator and artist Jack Rogers gives to others what he has learned over this many years in the commercial art world. Jack stays vibrant touching young and old alike "to learn imagination".

Piano Prodigy Val Wold
A 12 year old piano virtuoso living in Post Falls Idaho, Val Wold is beginning a career in music including 2 CD's and numerous concerts.

Rock Around the Block
The historic stone walls of Trail, B.C. were built mostly by Italian immigrants between 1920 and 1960. These rustic retaining walls on Trails rolling terrain gives this Kootenay mountain town a uniquely European essence.

December 2010 Watch

Herron Montana is the home of Dale and Monica archer, a husband-and-wife artistic team that use driftwood to create Montana-based caricatures, ones that often elicit a chuckle or two.

One World Spokane
One World Spokane is a café that offers high quality, locally grown food, along with a community minded attitude. Meals are available for suggested donations. No one is turned away. If a patron cannot afford to pay for their meal, they can volunteer their time as payment.

One World also offers classes in economic, health conscious cooking, as well as gardening, composting, beekeeping and more.

Extra Special Elves
Step into a workshop of talented toymakers not from the North Pole but from right here in Spokane. They are the Rockwood Elves and their mission is to help make Christmas merry for some very special children.

Eyes On Eagles

Like the swallows of Capistrano, bald eagles descend on North Idaho year after year. The majestic birds draw crowds of eager onlookers during their brief winter visit to the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene.