Health Matters, Television for Life

Health Matters, Television for Life

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Stress –  December 2015

Stress – December 2015

Feeling stressed about the Holidays? See if our panel of experts can help you chill.


Tracy L. Skaer PharmD, FABFE, FASHP
Professor of Pharmacotherapy
College of Pharmacy
Washington State University Riverpoint

Kari Jo Hilgendorf PhD
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Washington State University

Matthew E. Layton MD, PhD, FACP, DFAPA
Medical Director, Program of Excellence in Addictions Research, Washington State University
Medical Director, Opioid Treatment Program, Spokane Regional Health District
Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, Washington State University College of Medicine

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