Congratulations to Claude Kistler on his upcoming retirement

Claude Kistler, General Manager of KSPS Public Television, will retire on August 31, 2013 after 46 years of dedicated service

From the Friends of KSPS Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Friends of KSPS I congratulate KSPS General Manager Claude Kistler on his retirement. We are all happy for Claude, but we will miss him around the station. 

I cannot begin to tell you how much we owe Claude for his visionary leadership of KSPS. Claude started working at the station in 1967, about the time KSPS signed on the air. In 1980 he became General Manager and in the last three-plus decades, he has steered the station to tremendous growth in viewership, directed the creation of local and regional programs that have earned countless awards, guided us through the transition to digital, and held this station to the highest standards for programming and viewer service.  He is a passionate advocate for quality television for all. 

Claude’s last day at KSPS was August 31, 2013. In his honor we established the Claude Kistler Legacy Fund, and we invite you to be a part of it

The purpose of the fund is to provide dollars for regional programs produced by KSPS. Claude’s passion over the years has been the creation of programs that reflect and support the communities of KSPS—regular programs such as Northwest Profiles (on the air for 26 years!) and Health Matters; historical documentaries about our region including Calgary and Edmonton Remembered, Spokane's Nat Park, The Davenport Hotel, David Thompson and many others; town hall meetings and debates that encourage civic engagement; and documentaries on issues that affect us all. He has been a tireless advocate for television that improves our lives.

Give Claude Fund

On behalf of the Friends of KSPS Board of Directors, thank you again for your support of KSPS, and for considering an extra gift to establish the Claude Kistler Legacy Fund.  As someone who has regularly benefited from Claude’s inspiration and vision myself, I can’t think of a better way to honor his legacy. I hope you will join me and all the members of the Friends of KSPS Board in contributing to “Claude’s Fund” and wishing him a happy retirement.

Leo sig

Leon J. Stevens
President, Friends of KSPS Board of Directors